Effective Blogger Outreach

Blogs written- what next?

So, you’ve mastered the fine art of attracting a blogger to write outtanding blogs, but how can you take your blogger outreach to the next level? In our latest blog, we share a few tips to help you get started.

Talk to Your Bloggers

It might sound obvious, but often brands forget to do the most social thing of all – pick up the phone and have a chat. Talking to your bloggers about your product is a great way to receive qualitative feedback. If your product has featured with the blogger before, don’t be afraid to ask for statistics on the performance of the blog post, as well as snapshots of how their audience responded and engaged with them.

Be Social

Find out where all the bloggers go to hang out online. For instance, many types of blogger have dedicated handles on Twitter – such as #lbloggers meaning “Lifestyle Bloggers.” If this is your target blogger, check to see if they attend a dedicated Twitter chat or online social gathering and pop on along. It’s a perfect opportunity to make friends and engage with bloggers cold to your www.flomaxbuyonline.com brand. A full list of Blogger chats can be found here.

Host an Online Party

It’s time to crack out the virtual champagne and canapés! Why not host your very own #TwitterParty? Similar to a Twitter chat, this is a dedicated time to invite bloggers along to your Twitter feed and discuss a subject such as “Obstacles in Blogging” or another topic that relates back to your brand. The benefit of hosting a #TwitterParty is you’ll have an active captive audience and you can use this opportunity to launch new products, introduce a social competition and invite bloggers to engage with your brand after the party has finished. Did we mention a zero-calories virtual cake too?

Increasing your Blogger Outreach at POSH

In an ocean of online media mavens, it can be hard to select the best blogger for the job. Here at POSH, we’re all hooked up with the best of bloggers to ensure your brand gets the recognition it deserves through quality blogs. Want to increase your blogger outreach? Get in touch with POSH today – click here to get the ball rolling.