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Here at POSH, a Glasgow digital analytics agency we specialise in all things hospitality. And when it comes to reaching your goals we thrive. With many years of knowledge and expertise under our belts, we are pros when it comes to data mining and analytics. So why not sit down with us, help us to understand your business and future goals and we’ll help you get there. Make your brand work smarter, not harder, through innovative messages and a mix of media channels. As your digital marketing agency, we work together, regularly looking at your statistics together. We’ll help identify your market behaviours and impactors, choose your opportunities wisely and show you a bigger bang for your buck.

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What is Data Mining and Analytics

Both are crucial to the success of your online strategy. First, you start with Data Mining (a subset of data analysis sometimes called Knowledge Discovery in Data). Perhaps this explains what it is! It is drawing valuable knowledge and discovery from data across various analytic platforms giving detailed and crucial insights. For example ‘how many clicked through to book’. By utilising this well we understand what campaigns and strategies are going to work best for your brand which feeds into data analysis.

Data analysis (the superset of data mining) is examining this data and its insights to come to conclusions. Pulling sets of data to create a hypothesis or to help in making important strategic decisions is involved in the analysis stage. So it may be over the last year there has been a steady decline on a specific section of your site which needs further analysis. In this situation, you may require further testing to get more solid conclusions. Furthermore, data analysis is led by the visualisation of results.

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What makes POSH so good as a digital analytics agency?

Firstly it is our results. Our detailed work through data mining and data analyses feeds into your strategy and digital marketing plan. And this evolves and adapts to suit the market needs. This then feeds into what work we target at any given time to grow your brand. By running monthly checks through data mining and analytics we keep a tight rein on how your business is performing online which in turn feeds back into what work we do. And so the cycle continues. Most importantly is that by working with this model you get results! And good ones at that.

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The POSH way of doing things:

Through analysing your statistics and Google Analytics, together we’ll create an effective action plan designed around your customers’ aspirations, tailored to deliver your business needs. From setting the tone of voice and delivering the right messages, to inspiring the search engines and reaching new markets.  Your new responsive marketing strategy will be sure to enhance your customer decision-making and boost your bottom line.

  1. We are Google partners and specialists in analysing user behaviour and online data. Translating technical jargon into simple English is what we do best!
  2. We will communicate your online performance to you.  From identifying what’s working, to what isn’t and how to make it better.
  3. It’s how we ensure all our clients are on track to many happy returns.
  4. We love Google Analytics, User Testing and CRM analysis!  Let us show you just how it’s done.
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Interested? Let's illuminate your brand's online presence!

If you are looking for a digital data mining and analytics agency then get in touch with us today. Find out more about choosing us as your SEO Internet Marketing Agency from our team simply by getting in touch. With our vast knowledge and expertise in the hospitality sector, we can shed vital insights and knowledge to help your brand grow. We know what we are looking for and what the benchmarks are. So all you need to do is join our POSH team and let us help you. Call us on 0141 278 6702 or contact us online. Let those results happen!

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