Professional Online Solutions for Hospitality

Welcome to the POSHies! We’re a digital advertising & marketing agency that loves online! We have been delivering bright, energetic and rewarding Digital Strategies and Marketing Solutions for hospitality and leisure businesses since 2008. What’s more, we come from design and online hospitality backgrounds. So powering search marketing, digital strategies & building websites that work is in our blood. We make it our business to know your business. It’s our passion.

We grow brands and bring online communities to life. Sample our services below.


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SEO Specialists

Ahoy SEO Agency Scotland! Our bespoke and ethical SEO strategies combine On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO strategies – take your brand on the REAL journey.

Social Media Management

Feeling a bit socially awkward? Time for a Social Media Management makeover! The world is your oyster… Just take a look at a few of our case studies to see!

Pay Per Click Advertising

As registered Google Partners we are super PPC specialists in AdWords, BING and Social PPC we promise to reduce wastage and make more of your markets.

Web Design Scotland

We’re a website design agency that really knows how to optimise customer journeys online, and not just look pretty! Designs with direction start here.

Digital Strategy & Marketing Agency Experts

From understanding in-house stats to pinpointing your most worthy demographics & engaging the right geo-locations. Bespoke channel activity, here we come!

Statistical Analytics Experts

Translating Google Analytics technical jargon into simple sentences is right up our street! We’ll have you fluent in Googlish in no time & even have you enjoying reports!

Copywriting Agency

Online, offline, through-the-line. Exhibitions, activations, competitions. Long copy, short copy, no copy. We know how to turn a phrase and phrase a turn… and still keep Google happy!

WOM or PR (with a difference)

The Millenial age of “Word of Mouse” will make more conversions than traditional Word of Mouth marketing! Work smarter, not harder… we’ll show you how!

Digital Skills & Training

Our digital training academy offers the very best, most fun and extremely motivating of online marketing training courses. From Social media training to Copywriting for SEO and everything in between!


How to reclaim admin rights to a Facebook page

Have you lost access to your business Facebook page? This can happen for many reasons. Often it is because whoever was running it has left the company without handing back admin control.

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