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POSH is a leading PPC agency in Glasgow offering experienced ppc services. Known for our strong ROI we are leading experts in our field. Whilst Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the marathon to the top, Pay Per Click (PPC) is the ‘sprint’! As a PPC Agency in Glasgow, why not run with us? PPC Advertising campaigns should equate to 30% of your total revenue online and is very easy to waste your spend. This is why you need a Google Partner agency with a tight track record like POSH! POSH is a Google Ads selected by Google to be a Google Partner . We have our own focused PPC specialist, who generates our higher than average ROIs in the UK of 15:1.

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PPC - instant revenue when managed by the experts - we are really clever!

PPC Advertising is the most effective way to instantly drive relevant, targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions. It also protects your brand from competitors and 3rd parties bidding on your brand. SEO and PPC together are called SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Effective SEM is where a coherent SEO strategy is linked up with a structured and well-managed PPC Campaign. This will offer you the best results in terms of online revenue and quality traffic to your site.

  1. Is your PPC Agency Google Partnered?
  2. Your PPC advertising should equate to 30% of your business!
  3. A well-managed campaign should drive an ROI of 7:1 or higher
  4. PPC gets you to the top and protects your brand whilst SEO grows
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PPC needs and its multiple platforms:

Pay Per Click (PPC) revenue should account for 30% of your online business, being the second greatest revenue driver digitally. And to be successful you must drive the same Brand Strategy across multiple PPC platforms.

1. Google Shopping

This is the most effective method of PPC (for selling products not services) as it offers the Google searcher a visual shopping experience with ratings. Those products with star ratings are 87% more likely to convert.

2. Search AdWords

With Search Adwords, we list “branded campaigns” and “generic campaigns” in Google search rankings to capture current customers to encourage them to become repeat customers. We can also brand bid on competitors to capture their customers.

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The other PPC platforms

3. Bing Ads

Bing is a cash-rich platform, focused on baby boomers. As a rule, all PPC campaigns should allow 10-20% of their AdWords budget for Bing.

4. Re-marketing

If you want to improve conversions from existing traffic, then re-marketing is for you. Tailored banners follow your customers around the web with specific messages tailored to their past journey on your website.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are extremely powerful today, with high conversion rates – this is one of your best options for brand reach.

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As leading pay per click managament company we take pride in our results. If you are looking to grow your digital prensence and get your brand up there then call us today on 0141 278 6702 or contact us online. Make your paid search count and let POSH help you get to the top with their leading PPC services. We love nothing more than to see your brand thrive!

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