How to Attract a Blogger

Tap into the world of Bloggers

Gone are the days of traditional media, there’s a (relatively) new kid on the block and they know what’s hot and what’s not. The importance of bloggers in the PR make-up of any business is not something to be underestimated. With bloggers reigning in audiences by the millions, it’s time that businesses sat up and took notice. But how does one grasp the attention of a power-blogger? In our latest blog, we share our tips on how to attract a blogger.

A Polished Product

As a rule, any blogger worth their weight in PR cannot be bought for their opinion. Audiences gravitate towards bloggers who provide honest and accurate reviews. That means the good, the bad and the ugly. Make sure your product is polished and at its absolute best to impress and convert audiences into customers. The chances are, if one key blogger loves your product, ten more will want to review it.

Core Values

A blogger’s value lies within their integrity. Audiences are well known to switch off from their favourite YouTubers if they suspect their brand affection is being bought. Be a company with core values and let your product do the talking. It may be tempting to fire an incentive along the way of your chosen blogger, but with stricter rules about advertising in place from various countries around the world, you not only run the risk of damaging your brand reputation, but you may also find yourself in some legal hot water too.

An Informal Approach

If there’s one major factor to differentiate traditional press and blogging, it’s without a doubt the level of formality. Open up your social platforms to be blogger friendly – and encourage your social audience to interact. A personable approach is without a doubt the quickest way to make friends online. Give your bloggers a virtual high five, not a handshake.

How to Attract a Blogger – Working with POSH

At POSH, we’re something of a whiz in the blogosphere.  With several members of our teams being devoted bloggers ourselves, we know exactly what makes bloggers tick and how to help your business attract a blogger too. To find out more about blogger outreach with POSH, get in touch with us here.