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Are looking for a digital marketing strategy agency that can identify your key online growth areas? If so, then POSH can help. With many years of experience and knowledge under our belts, we are on top of our game when it comes to developing your digital marketing plan. We are experts in our field. Through in-depth analytics and data mining, we are able to identify your business’s key areas of development. As a result, we create a marketing strategy that works for you. And specialising in all things hospitality we can help you grow and understand how to navigate this competitive world. Let us help you generate results and most importantly bookings.

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Creating great online marketing strategies that sing

So how do you develop a digital marketing strategy? Well, access to all your analytics accounts is vital. From this, we will perform comprehensive data mining and analysis. Here we understand where your brand is performing online and where its weaknesses lie. And this is across all your digital platforms (website, socials, email marketing etc). With insights into who is engaging with you online to where users drop off and we can identify a strategy that taps into the positives and addresses the negative. Many elements are analysed in order to develop a comprehensive strategy.

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How POSH works with you

POSH always sees itself as an extension of your team. We create close and lasting relationships with our clients. First and foremost, we get a deep understanding of your brand and its goals. We then go about the aforementioned steps of data mining and analysis in order to create your digital marketing strategy. Once signed off and agreed upon the key areas of development identified are then fed out to our digital team via our operations manager. For example, this may be specific SEO updates, website improvements, PPC campaigns etc. Results are closely monitored by continuous data mining and analyses which in turn feeds into your digital marketing strategy. With monthly work plans created based on all findings, your brand’s presence will grow and grow in front of your very eyes!

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Get your online digital strategy in ship shape - call POSH today

So what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for less. Think big and grow big. Give your online marketing plan a good workout and get it into ship shape today. Let all our data geeks have some fun and get going on helping your business shine online. Call us on 0141 278 6702 or contact us online. We love nothing more than helping you and your business reach its online goals. And we love getting to know new brands and becoming part of their team.

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