5 Top Tips for SEO in 2015

SEO Search Engine Optimisation) is your way of ensuring that Google and other search engines recognise your website as important and worth viewing. It is all about what you can do to make sure your site is bringing in the right kind of traffic which will result in conversions and good revenue. It is your way of taking advantage of search engines and the way they categorize websites. We give you the rundown a few top tips for SEO in 2015.

Keyword and Keyphrase Usage

Keywords are a huge part of SEO, using keywords allows search engine bots to crawl your site and pick up useful information, which leads to them specifying your site as important. What this means is that if you use specific keywords e.g. Luxury Hotel, then when users type “Luxury Hotel” into Google or other search engines, your page will come up as relevant to the search term.

ALT text for Images

Believe it or not ALT text on images is more important than you’d think. Search engines crawl sites and look for this image attribute. The main reason for the use of ALT text is to make the content accessible for those that are visually impaired. It is the description that describes to the user what is in the image so they can navigate around your site just as well as someone with perfect 20/20 vision. Without ALT text, Google and other engines will knock your rank down because it will deem your site to be not user friendly.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are possibly the most important thing search engines look for; every webpage should have it’s own meta-description, meta-tags and a meta-title. Though these are important attributes you NEED to remember that they must all be DIFFERENT for each individual page of content. Having multiple pages with the same title and description will cause search engines to believe your site is loaded with duplicate content – this is bad news for any site and will leave your content marked as spam, and as discussed earlier, it’s incredibly difficult to pull your website out of that hole.

More Top Tips for SEO

Of course, despite 2015 being named as the year of content marketing, it is equally important to be mindful of other SEO practices such as link building and ensuring all site content is accessible.

Links and Backlinks

Links are a vital part to SEO; if your page has links to other sites which Google or other engines hold in high esteem e.g. government websites, recognised industry sites etc. your site will be deemed to produce a similar high level of content. Although links can be very good for your SEO ranking, you have to be incredibly careful because they are just as capable of doing more harm than good. If you decide to link official websites e.g. government websites or trusted sites for Google and other search engines, be sure to add a “nofollow” attribute to them otherwise Google and other engines can mark your down website as spam. It is imperative that your website avoids being marked as spam because it is very difficult (though not impossible) to build your presence back up from that.


As discussed in our former blog post, mobile readiness is going to be a key feature in your SEO ranking this year. Google will be releasing a new algorithm on the 21st April 2015, this means that if your site is not mobile-responsive your domain will be penalized by Google specifically, and although other search engines haven’t caught onto this yet, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Your ranking on Google will affect your traffic. Mobile readiness will ensure that users can view your website on their mobile devices easily, if you don’t have this feature your business may suffer. If your site is responsive, Google will reconsider your ranking and knock your ranking up or down.

So now we’ve gone through the main importance of SEO Search Engine Optimisation are you ready for 21st April? If not, don’t panic, but don’t hesitate to contact POSH and see what solutions we can offer you!