Writing Killer Content

We all know that when it comes to content writing, the better it is, then the more it works. With blogging, social and digital content, the better your writing, then the more engagement you get, which in turn means, the better you and your company are. Although it may not be as easy as it seems – how do we write killer content without going off on an unnecessary tangent, missing our target audience completely.

A Dangerous Blog

The average good blog within a company generates 55% more website visitors than un-optimized blogs or simply no blogs at all. So can see our advice? It is a crucial must for your business to get it right. With all the killer content goodness right there for the taking, why are so many marketers and business owners struggling to create enough content to build some momentum and make an impact?


A Killer Plan

The answer, we don’t think we have the time. Truth be told the business world is as fast-paced as you’ll get, but when it comes to content the solution is – find the time. Schedule your workload to provide enough to write the perfect plan, or the best blog. Although many marketers loathe this as it is not the quick results driven marketing we want, but it is the one that builds and sustains your brand. Therefore, killer content over generic content, surely it must be worth it?

A Secret Solution

Another key to writing killer content, avoiding industry jargon. A key trick is to relate with your audience, humanize them. If you play to your customer’s likes and interests, they will in turn read and engage with your content and brand, making it a win for you.  When people search the web, they’re seeking answers. If your content doesn’t provide the facts, the customer will move on to the next link in their search. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much, and that includes prices. The more open and transparent you are, the more likely to succeed you are.


Our final tip. Visitors don’t want spin and industry terminology. They expect honest, transparent information. So proudly give out all your offers and information and let your customers draw their own conclusions. The final tip on the final part of your content is always a call to action. Tell your customers what you would like them to do next. Lead them down the path to a sale or to choosing your business. Now if you follow the tips to writing killer content, engaging and timing you’re planning, then you will see the results far quicker than you think.