Top Tips for Twitter Beginners

Social Media Marketing Strategies – Twitter

Twitter is instant method of getting you and your brand noticed online.  On average 500 million tweets are sent everyday therefore it’s easy to get lost in-between favouriting and following. Here are some handy tips for Twitter beginners to get you started…

Keep it current

With over 302 million active users on Twitter, it is essential to make your profile stand out. Potential followers may browse your account before they click that all important “follow” tab, therefore they may be less inclined to follow an empty page.

Persuade followers to join you by staying active. Make sure you tweet daily and respond to any questions that are sent your way.

How often should I tweet?

The lifespan of a tweet is estimated to be 2 hours. The busiest period for retweets is suggested to be around 5pm, catching commuters’ attention after their busy day at work. Tweet during this time period to create efficient brand awareness.

Skim read your tweets

The average person is estimated to tweet 22 times a day. The math then suggests that if you have 100 followers, you could be exposed to 2,200 tweets per day, meaning that if you are popular in the twitter-sphere, you’ll be busy keeping up with the tweeters you follow.

First of all you should organise your favourite tweeters in the list feature. This means you’ll be able to access relevant tweets.  Tools l such as Tweepi and Followerwonk advise users on the activity of their followers and suggest the best way to manage your list of followers.

Who should I follow?

It’s only courteous to follow your followers back – they’ve taken the time to look you up and are clearly interested in what you have to say.  Strategy wise – it has been suggested that the more people you follow the more followers you will gain.

What should I tweet about?

Lastly the content of your tweets should vary. Although twitter is a great function for creating brand awareness avoid continually posting about the same topic as this may annoy your followers. Try to mix it up by retweeting and quoting, this form of activity may also drive traffic to your account.

More Top Tips for Twitter Beginners

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