Top Tips for Project Management

Project Management Resource

In the age of e-commerce, it’s no longer viable to commission a pretty website and leave it at that. A successful web build will have other strategies factored in – such as a CMS migration plan, or indeed setting up a site to be search engine sound. But, with the looming task of a massive web build on your shoulders, how do you know where to begin and what project management resource do you factor in? Without further ado, we present our tried and tested top tips for project management!

Assess the Project 

From the get-go of a web build, make it good practice not to commit to delivery until you’ve had the opportunity to properly understand the. Questions to ask at this stage of the project are: how long will the project take to complete? What is the budget available? Is this a complex build and does it require specialist skills? What is the projected ROI?

Understanding the work needed to put into a project to be successful will help your team understand the physical and financial restraints of the project and scope accordingly.

Scope the Project with your Specialists 

Your next port of call should be to round up your key specialists to assist in helping scope the project. Being a project manager, your skills lie in delivery, but setting unrealistic expectations for a technical project without consulting your specialists is a recipe for disaster. Here, let your specialists guide you through the risks and opportunities of the project before finalising a quote.

Manage Expectations and Keep in Touch

From the start until the end of the project, the most important thing to do is manage your client’s expectations. This can be done through effective communication, not only with your client, but checking in with your team leaders too. Keeping the client updated regularly will help to reduce any anxiety on the client’s end and also stay aware of any potential roadblocks identified by your specialists.

Have a Contingency Plan 

There are many things in this world that can throw unexpected roadblocks in the way of a project completely out with our control. However, something we do have in our control is the ability to plan for contingency. In the event, something unexpected throws a spanner in your web build’s works, then having a contingency plan will cut down on stress by the tenfold. As always, stay in close contact with your client, keeping them updated on progress and run through the contingency strategy with them.

Benchmark Your Success – Tips for Project Management

From the beginning until the end of a project, be prepared to report consistently to your client and use your project management resource efficiently and effectively. Share successes with both your team and client – there’s nothing more motivating! By having a regimented reporting structure in place, this will also help the client to understand the scope of the project and manage their expectations.

Follow our top tips for project management and you will not go wrong! Are you a budding project manager? Share your tips for project management success in the comments!