The Power of the Meta Description

Meta descriptions are important marketing messages which are intended to give the user a snippet of what they can expect to find by clicking on your website. So we’re asking – why are they so important? Well, if the marketing message isn’t there, then why should a potential customer click through to your site and give you their attention? Exactly. So here we are, the marketing experts, telling you the in’s and the outs of what makes a great meta description and how it works, but most importantly, how to make it work.


A meta description, though not important to search engine rankings, can and does play a very important role in improving your click-through rates from the search engine results pages to your website. It’s important that your website has a strong meta description for every single, individual page, and we intend to describe just how to do that in this blog. If you can capture and entice your audience with a quick witted, descriptive message, then the chance of them clicking on and potentially converting sales on your website rises.

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A meta description can be any length, but search engines will truncate (cut off) anything longer than around 160 characters. Your meta description is a marketing message for the page which that it links too. For this reason, we recommend that every meta-description is unique to the page it is describing, rather than a general message across your whole site, and that it highlights the unique purpose or benefit that that page can potentially serve to your customer.


Think about how you read the search engine results pages. How do you, as a consumer, convert? If you’re like the majority of Google users, you’ll scan the page rather than reading it. This means that your meta description has got to grab the user’s attention and to ensure they click on your website, not someone else’s, usually a competitors. This isn’t the place to ramble on or get into intricate levels of details, so know what your marketing message for that page is and communicate it clearly, cleverly and quickly. Before you know it, you have the perfect, enticing meta description, fit for any consumer to click through.