The Importance of SEO

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidly changing trends of social media and content marketing. This is especially true for business owners and hoteliers who have enough on their plate as it is! Find out more about the importance of search engine optimisation SEO for businesses in our latest blog:

Search Engine Optimization

You might think SEO is simply defined by your company’s rankings on Google or Bing and expect to site at the top of these search engines. Here at POSH Agency we are often asked to make our clients rank for the terms they deem they should be at the top of Google with… but in reality it is so much more than that. Sam McRoberts at Forbes said it perfectly:

“SEO, at its heart, is the process of making websites more accessible and understandable to your customers, its how we make our customers tick, how we make them purchase.”

The more accessible your website is for search engines, the higher up the list you will climb and the more money you will make.  This is the first step of widening your online sales funnel.  In essence, SEO is the heartbeat to all online activity you undertake.  Every action, every channel and all elements of your digital strategy should connect back to your SEO strategy.

So, why is SEO important for my business?

  • Build branding and credibility
  • Attracts relevant traffic
  • Insight into your customers
  • It will equate to the highest potion of your business revenue online

SEO = 60% of Revenue

Seems pretty easy, right? It takes a lot of hard work to climb your way to the top and the equation to getting there isn’t quite so straightforward.  Google releases over 365 algorithms each year… that’s over one a day!

To find out more about planning for SEO success and the importance of SEO for your particular niche of business, get in touch with us here.