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SEO is such a fragile art. All too often we see brands penalise themselves when trying to please Google by making mistakes or through recruiting black hat SEO techniques. So we decided to give you a little SEO Training, F.O.C…

Gradually on our blogs we will work through all the aspects of White Hat SEO techniques, and today we will show you how to use our step-by-step guide to optimising web copy for SEO.

Step 1 – Set the Strategy

Once you have completed your keyword research and planner (each page must have its own primary keyword) you are ready to structure your page content. Use secondary keywords throughout your content to, as long as they are relevant.

Step 2 – Set the ToneTypewriter, glasses and paper saying once upon a time- SEM

When selecting your keywords beware that the keywords used need to be relevant to the copy within that page or Google will penalise your site.  So don’t keyword stuff!  Set your page keyword then write your copy to fit your business need, but ensure the tone and structure are to please the reader and not your keywords.

Step 3 – Structure Your Pages Keywords

We use the following “Colour Key” to show our developers / content team how to upload the content to show how the keywords have been used:

Yellow = your Primary Keyword

Blue / Pink / Green / Red = your Secondary Keywords

*Note: Keywords can be split up, so for example ‘holidays in Fife’ could be used this way –

holidays for families in Fife”

Google still reads the words even though they are split up. We only tend to do this through Secondary Keywords, if we feel it is needed for the flow of the tone and reading of the page.

We don’t split up Primary Keywords in the main areas (SEO title / metadata / first H2 heading / 1st paragraph /last paragraph)) but we will split it up elsewhere.

Primary keyword: used in the SEO title, meta description, first H2 heading, first paragraph and last paragraph and anywhere else appropriate without sounding as though you are plugging it (Google penalises this).

Secondary keywords: sprinkled throughout the copy where relevant and tend only to use them once or twice.

Step 4 – Structuring Copy Around your Keyword StrategyA girl typing at her computer

Below is the layout we use for our content pages (we do not use the colours though – these are just added to show where the keywords have been used throughout the copy):



holidays in fife

<Secondary Keyword>

things to do in fife | cheap hotels in fife | hotel deals in fife | hotel deals near edinburgh


Family Holidays in Fife | The Adamson Hotel


If you are planning any family holidays in Fife, this year or next, you have come to the right place! Create your own special memories with our family holiday packages, open year round.

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In our next blog we will cover the importance of H2 tags and just how to get them on side for search engine optimisation.

Here at POSH Communication we offer not only the perfect SEO strategy, solutions and content for your brand, we also run regular SEO training courses to keep your skills tip top and ahead of the game.

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