The Interactive Morse Code Update

As digital experts we are always keeping up to date with the latest software trends and the next one is here! We have updated our systems to make an interactive screen for you to use.

Thanks to technology, you can now use specialised commands to navigate your way round our site. This technology works by using the internet to connect to the pixels in your screen. This then sends little pulses to the pixels which burn them into micro wires. This makes them responsive, just like a tablet or smart phone.

A video showing you that this works will be uploaded on social media later today, but if you just can’t wait, we have provided written instructions in the blog for you.

How it works

Here is our command guide for how to use it, but first you must press Ctrl+ Alt+ ? (Down arrow) to activate your screen. Press the “O” in the POSH logo for 3 seconds to calibrate this and use the following commands.



To switch between pages, please swipe the screen left or right – slowly please this isn’t Tinder.
To send messages, please trace this polygon until it smooths out to become a circle to open a chat bubble.


To type words or commands on your interactive screen, please do this in Morse code. To make this easier we have provided the Morse code alphabet.
morse code

If this isn’t working, please blow on your screen to make your screen more sensitive. We will provide a timer video to help you with this via our social media accounts later today.

The future is now

Thank you for upgrading. Here at POSH we value all things digital. We want to lead new generations into the very best technology. From interactive screens to the coffee run on our hover boards, everything must be optimised.

Now that you have read through the instructions thoroughly please follow the instructions in this blog. As we want you to use this properly, we have set a timer delay on all interactive actions so you must read through this (or at least scroll to the bottom) before any of this will work. So now that you have, please give it a go.

Or if you were impatient for your interactive screen then please try again and next time please try to control yourself.

Kind regards,