Incorporating SEO into your Social Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy and SEO

SEO is vastly becoming the foundation of digital marketing – so what is it? Search Engine Optimisation.  How do you use your sites content to boost your businesses popularity?  Although SEO has been relevant since the introduction of search engine behemoths such as Google,  now in 2015 content marketing is becoming one of the best ways to market businesses. This short guide will help you to incorporate SEO into your social strategy.

Putting the SEO into your Social

The basis of SEO is keyword research. An example of this is incorporating the title of blog into the main body of your text. This creates stronger content which will be picked up by search engine companies such as google.  Try to create fresh, original content. By using someone else’s work it may show up on google creating a duplicate result – which is very bad news.

A good SEO approach will find a steady balance between good content and key words.  Identify a key word to use in your content; use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner or Wordtracker to help you identify a potential key word or phrase.  Another important way to utilize your keywords and phrases is by inserting them in your blog URL as well as your meta description.

Make sure your blog is never any less than 300 words long, this should be the bare minimum or SEO value is lost. Build on SEO value by adding a few contextual links to quality web pages. By adding these links you are driving more traffic to your site as well as creating richer text for SEO.

Tools to help nail your Social SEO

Social media is also a great way to get noticed through SEO. Using websites such as Buffer you are able to merge your social media accounts to one posting platform. Sites like Buffer allow users to schedule posts for when traffic may be at its busiest.  The content of social media posts are also important, try to create stronger posts by using images, videos or infographics. Good infographics can be made easily with tools such as Piktochart. Make sure to include hashtags as search terms as again this will make your post easier to search for.

Incorporating SEO into your social media marketing strategy is so important in the year of 2015. Content marketing is moving forward, utilize web tools such as buffer to organise and plan your posts. To find out more about how you can optimise your social strategy to include SEO, feel free to get in touch with us here.