How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

How to Make a Website User Friendly

As marketers, we’ve seen some really beautiful websites. But there’s one problem. They don’t convert – and it’s all down to the user experience. If you’re planning a reboot of your online brand, then your website is going to be your most valuable asset. In our latest blog, we present our top tips on how to make your website user-friendly.

Keep Navigation Simple

Consider your website navigation as a map to your online store. It’s important to keep categories concise and easy to reach with the click of a button. It’s also good practice to place more popular content in easier to reach places. Nobody wants to go digging through ten pages of men’s socks on a website in order to find a summer dress, do they? Use calls to action to help direct customers to popular pages and ensure that the actual layout of the website is complimentary, utilising the correct amount of negative space.

Hyperlink Your Logo

It’s good practice to place your logo in the top left hand corner of your site. By hyperlinking this graphic too, it allows the user to click on something familiar in order to return to the home page of the site. The only exception where we recommend against this is within a booking engine or payment page – where all links should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the risk of a user abandoning their cart.

Place a Focus on Accessibility

With major search engines like Google rewarding websites for their accessibility factors, it’s never been more important to ensure you’re delivering a user-friendly experience through your site. Good accessibility can be achieved through a multitude of mediums – including everything from legible fonts right down to ensuring ALT text is appropriately attributed.

Concise Content

Of course, it’s all too easy to place focus on the physical presence of your website, but it’s essential to also consider content when taking into account user-friendliness. Is you content short and snappy? Does it get to the point quickly? Users are interested in receiving content that is of unique value to them – nobody wants to read an essay on why they should buy your product – they’re more interested in what it can do for them.

Making Your Website User-Friendly

Are you planning a rebrand but are unsure of how to make your website user—friendly? Don’t worry – this is something at POSH we have experience by the bucket load in. Ready to make your website user-friendly and conversion focused? Simply click here to get the ball rolling.