How to Decide What Bloggers to Work With As a Brand

Who should do my Blogging? – the big question!

In the digital age, it’s hard to tell the difference between a legitimate press request and a chancer disguised as a “blogger” attempting to get a freebie with minimal effort. We share our tips for helping you suss out authentic, quality bloggers from those simply looking for a free ride.

Pre-qualification of a Blogger

Any time a blogger approaches you, your first port of call should be to request a media pack or at the very least some supplementary statistics about demographics and monthly readership. A well-prepared magazine or blogger will happily share their statistics and media kit with you, allowing you to make a judgement as to what sort of collaboration would be suitable.

Google Analytics – Things to Look For

If a blogger or journalist has a predominantly online blog following, then they may share a snapshot of their Google Analytics with you. Google Analytics can be a tricky platform to navigate and understand to the untrained eye, so look out and be wary of the following: a high bounce rate, low session duration on page and referrals. Bear in mind that sites that have poor SEO – that link back to your site – can actually have bad consequences with regards to your own SEO for the site.

Look at Social Media Following

Once you have ascertained the level of traffic coming to your blogger’s website, the next step is to evaluate their social media following. In this instance, more isn’t always better – some companies allow you to purchase followers to give a great first impression, but all that glitters may not be gold. What you should look for is engagement – do their followers interact with their content? Do they leave comments, retweet or even like posts on Facebook? If a blogger has high traffic but little interaction, approach with caution – all may not be as it appears.

Deciding What Bloggers to Work With

As the modern media army, bloggers have never been a better asset to emerging and established brands. Making products accessible for everybody, a great collaboration with a blogger can pay dividends for both parties. Want to start blogging but not sure where to begin and what bloggers to work with? Get in touch with POSH today to find out about our outreach services – click here to get the ball rolling.