Engaging your Market through Online Copy and Content

It’s no secret that the digital landscape is changing. From the increase in use of mobile technology to a change in consumer attitude towards brand loyalty, content marketing has never been more important. The days of tweaking a few lines of copy are far behind us – and even throwing in a few contextual links here and there isn’t going to pitch you ahead of your competitors on Google. In our latest blog, we give you an insight into engaging your market through content.

Creating Valuable Online Copy and Content

In accordance with the “EAT” (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) principle rolled out by Google earlier this year, companies must now approach content creation with a purpose. Creating landing pages for the sake of SEO is being regarded by search engines as poor content and resulting for many in penalisation. Companies are now encouraged to create exclusive and original content that can benefit the audience – for instance, information about a local event or activity that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Aside from delivering excellent service to your readership and original content, appropriately composed content will result in knocking any competitors from the top spot on search engines.

Finding a Balance

For a while now, Google has been penalising for the overuse of keywords and contextual links. However, have too few keywords and links and you’ll find yourself penalised once more for low optimisation. Use keywords sparingly, always try to achieve at least 300 words per page of copy and strategically place links that have context relative to your topic.

Not sure how much is too much? Ask a friend or colleague to proof read your copy and ask about their user experience. Generally speaking, stuffing copy full of keywords and links leads to disjointed copy and too many links presents the user with what appears to be a spam website.

Engaging your market through content strategically

Of course, with any great content plan comes an articulate and comprehensive strategy. When planning out content in advance, be sure to account for current affairs that your customer can relate directly to and keep your finger on the pulse for SEO opportunities to capitalize on.

To find out more about engaging your market through your online copy and content, feel free to pop us a message or alternatively, head on over to fantastic SEO advice websites such as Yoast and Moz.