Social Media Marketing: Learning From The Best

10 years ago, a business’ online presence was defined by its website, a few display ads and a couple of local online listings. Today, it is defined by their social media presence. In many ways, social media marketing is “free”. It costs nothing to set up a social media account, and snapping a few pics of your business and posting it online is sure to go down a treat. You can promote your products and services, engage with your customers and help to grow your bottom line. But getting your social platforms to work hard for you takes time. And we all know that time is money.

While many businesses invest their time (and money) in social media marketing, few companies are reaping the sizeable rewards. But the ones who are have a few things in common.

They Entertain

Let’s face it. No one logs onto Facebook to shop for the latest doo-dahs and knick-knacks – that’s what Amazon is for. Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all serve one primary purpose … to entertain. No matter how serious, posh or seemingly boring a brand or product is, the ones that are lighting up the social stratosphere all adopt a lighter tone on social media. They are unexpectedly funny. They speak to fans on a one-on-one basis. And they use humour to introduce their products and engage with audiences on a more intimate level from behind the scenes. In short, they humanise the brand.

Clever and funny Charmin #tweetfromtheseat post Life Insurance company's clever Valentine's Day post

They Customise Content

Snapping a few pics of your business or products from behind the scenes will always be well received. But if you really want to remain socially relevant, you need to leave your fans and followers hungry for more. You need to customise your content to your audience’s wants and needs. Which means you need to know what’s trending, what’s not and how to use it to your brand’s advantage.

Kingsmills Hotel sharing content ahead of a Wedding Fair  Parliament House Hotel promoting Shopping Breaks using the Rugby 6 Nations

They Engage

Arguably the most important thing you can do online is engage with your online audience. Creating and sharing great content without engaging with the online world is a bit like going to a party and dancing by yourself. Whether that means responding to a customer’s comment, “trolling” a certain person or hash tag, or entering into some light banter with a competitor, engaging in with the online world can help you reach a wider audience.

Oreo engaging with a fan on Twitter through clever and funny puns Zomato and Amazon enter a tounge-in-cheek twitter war Roxburghe Estates engaging with a visitor to the Castle

To find out more about building your social media presence through effective, profitable social media marketing, get in touch for a bit of social natter.