5 Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO

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It can seem like Google and other major search engines are changing the rules every five minutes, and the truth is they pretty much are. So, how can you stay on top of things? We share 5 simple tips on search engines optimisation to improve your SEO ranking!


Complete your Meta Descriptions

Any newbie to search engine optimisation will have at some point come across a Meta description and not known quite what to enter into the field. A Meta description is essentially a short description of your web page. It’s also usually the excerpt displayed in search engines, so it’s important to make sure this description is optimised appropriately with the correct calls to action to get users to click.


Capitalise your Headings

Whilst capitalising your headings doesn’t have a direct relation to your actual search engine ranking, it can be the difference between whether a user clicks or not. For instance, when scrolling a search engine, are you more likely to click a well-written “Pink Fluffy Slippers” link, or a “PINK FLUFFY SLIPPERS” link. One certainly seems a little too aggressive!


Keep your NAPs Uniform

With the relationship between SEO and social media continuing to develop, one quick way to instant give your online listings a boost is to ensure your NAPs are uniform. What’s a NAP, you say? It stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Keeping your NAPs consistent across your social media platforms is a subtle signal to search engines that your accounts are genuine.


Refresh your Keywords

If you’ve been on the search engine optimisation scene for a while, you’ll be more than familiar with the importance of keywords. Keywords make up the foundation to any great campaign, but if you’ve been running with the same strategy for a while, you may have missed some new and lucrative terms. Be sure to conduct frequent search term reports in order to capture new and growing markets.


Run Frequent Technical Audits

Although the focus of SEO is moving more and more towards content marketing, it’s still important to keep a good technical housekeeping schedule. Keep on top of things by conducting monthly SEO technical audits.


Simple Tips to Improve SEO

Of course, these are only a few simple tips to improve SEO through search engines optimisation. Ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level? Click here to contact our SEO experts at POSH.