3 Tips On How to Use Pinterest to Grow SEO

Pinterest – Manage Social Media

All hail Pinterest – the king of social media conversions. Still confused about how to manage social media and optimise your business account? We share 3 tips on how to use Pinterest to grow SEO in our latest blog.

Any marketer worth their salt knows the importance of social media. Asides from being considered a factor in your overall SEO strategy by Google, it can also drive highly qualified traffic that is likely to convert to your site. Particularly for e-commerce only businesses, Pinterest remains one of the most effective social platforms to drive conversions.

The great thing about Pinterest is when up to 70% of users’ login to browse; they’re already in the mind-frame for making a purchase. Consider the “window-shopping” like quality of Pinterest’s layout – combined with inspiration “mood boards”, a conversion is ripe for the taking!

So, how does one use Pinterest to Grow SEO? It’s simple. Just follow our top tips below!

Make Sure Your Boards Are Visible

It seems like a no brainer, but many companies will create pin-boards without making them visible to search engines to crawl. Ensure your settings for “Search Privacy” is set to “no” to ensure search engines have access to your boards. This option can be found in your “Account Settings.”

Make Sure You Are Using a Business Account

It’s all too easy to create a Pinterest account – but did you know as a company, you’re better off using a business account? The features are very similar to that of a regular account – with one staggering difference – access to analytics and rich pins. Add into the bargain that account verification tends to be a tad simpler too and there’s simply no good reason not to claim your free business account.

Be sure to claim your customised Pinterest URL and name as closely to your business name as possible. It’ll count towards your SEO.

Optimise Your “About Us” Description

We all love a great piece of optimised copy. Make sure you utilise your “About Us” with keyword optimised copy to help people find your Pinterest boards. Although Google is focused on the actual detail of the content, keywords are still very much an integral part of growing your SEO.

How to Use Pinterest to Grow SEO – Working With POSH

Are you struggling to use Pinterest to grow your SEO? Fear not. Here at POSH, our team live, eat and breathe social optimisation a are experts in how to manage social media. Why not get in touch with us today to take your social media strategy to the next level?