Understanding the Importance of Click Through Rates

AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram – not since the invention of the printing press have we seen a more innovative, effective way of communicating with the masses. It’s not surprising then that marketers and entrepreneurs are calling online marketing the “next big thing”. But in this world of clicks, likes, shares and comments, how important is the click through rate any way?

From Bricks To Clicks

As the technology revolution has heralded in a new world order, we’ve moved away from the traditional bricks and mortar businesses, to the realm of clicks and mortar. In this increasingly connected world, your customer not only has a bigger online voice, but your competitor is only a mouse click away. Whether it’s a phase, a fad or simply a new buzzword, there’s no denying the power social media has given brands and customers alike.

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Marketing At Your Fingertips

According to a survey by Hubspot in 2014, 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important for their business. While 80% indicated social media increased traffic to their website. However, according to a survey by Social Media Examiner in 2014, while 97% of marketers are actively marketing on social media, 85% aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use. Yet these are the authorities we turn to when measuring the importance of click through rates on your bottom line.

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The generation of natural born clickers

Too often, online campaigns’ single objective is to increase clicks to a website or likes to a page. And while this will improve your SEO, no two clicks are equal. 8% of the Internet population is responsible for 85% advertising clicks. And while a great click through rate may look good in quarterly reports, how has it impacted your bottom line?

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How Important Are Click Through Rates?

While the click through rate certainly gives you a broad view of how well an online ad is doing, shouldn’t the success of any campaign always be measured on the return on investment? Which brings us back to your overall objective. Clicks or conversions?

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The Disconnect in a Connected World

While the click through rate is a good indication of how well your campaign is being received by the online world, it is important to look a little deeper to determine it’s effectiveness. If a campaign has a high click through rate but low conversion rate, it’s probably a sign you’re attracting the wrong traffic. In that case, go back to the drawing board, optimise your campaign and get the right people clicking to your site. That’s the beauty of online marketing – if you know where to look, you can actively monitor, optimise and manage online campaigns in real time for better bottom line results.