Parliament House Hotel

The Objectives:

  • As our longest-standing client (at over 11 years working together), our objective was to close occupancy gaps and drive online bookings and SEO – to prevent gaps and firefighting. We have been working together for so long now that these issues are a thing of the past
  • Rebuild the website. A large task given the sheer size of the website with all its SEO-targeted webpages
  • Run their social media, PPC, SEO, Reporting, Strategy, Campaigns, Newsletters and Influencer Travel.
  • In 2023, create and launch a new online brand video with a competition to win an off-peak, 2-night stay
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The Strategy:

  • Run all marketing efforts and ease pressure on the hotel team whilst they tackle the operational challenges of Brexit and COVID
  • Capture photography, video footage and collate content for use online to ease pressures on budget and prevent the need for professional photography
  • Launch a video via social media, and PPC ads on Facebook
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The Results:

  • Growth was exceptional in the first half of our relationship. To date, sales have grown to triple figures, the hotel has increased its annual online revenue by a further 280% per annum.
  • Traffic and AOV (Average order value) have more than doubled, and the quality of the customer has increased greatly.
  • We have shifted the demographic from 65 + to a younger, higher travelling demographic and turned the hotel into an influencer hotel.
  • We have developed a working relationship where we are firmly part of the team and can anticipate our client’s needs, expectations and direction of delivery. The new Parliament House Hotel website is our greatest success story. Our highest converting and most consistent performing website of all our portfolio. The launch of the video received over 1k in views, within 12 hours of launching! In year 1 the website grew online revenue by 141%. So far this year, performance is now 110% ahead of last year’s period with an 85% SEO score. We run their social media, PPC, SEO, Reporting, Strategy, Campaigns management, Newsletters send-outs and Influencer Travel.
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