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Starting a new business is fun, exciting, scary, hard and rewarding – often all at the same time! There’s never been a better time to start your own business. We’ve been through a pandemic, it’s time to change your life! And to offer a helping hand, we’re offering business mentoring in Scotland to help start-ups and struggling businesses refind their feet for success.

That’s where we come in. Jenny Mills is the Founder and Director of POSH Agency, and has been building the business to new heights since 2008. Specialising in online hospitality marketing, her expertise covers everything marketing and digital. So she can help get the right strategy. And as she has plenty of business experience behind the scenes too, knowing where to focus your energies and how to set up successful operations behind the scenes.

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Get 4 months free business support from an industry leader

Having energy, enthusiasm and brilliant business ideas are a good start. But do you know how to deliver to market, to network, to ensure profitability and manage accounts? Building a solid base for your business is just as crucial as the product. Or if your business has begun to decline, adding a new set of eyes may be just the ticket.

We are offering an initial 3-months of free business advice to start-ups to get on their feet, and a free business audit to established businesses. So if you:

  • Have the drive and determination and have just gotten off the ground
  • Are looking for guidance and a sounding board from a respected source
  • Feel a bit overwhelmed or lost and in need of someone at your level to grow the business further

…then get in touch today!

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A bit more about Jenny

Jenny Mills has worked in the hospitality industry for two decades across hotels, restaurants, castles, retail, farming, agri-toursim, tourist organisations and eco projects. She runs her own successful hospitality marketing business, with her team helping her deliver other viable businesses, such as blogging platforms, a tourist destination platform and, with her sister, a vlogging channel and a farm! In her time as a business owner, she has seen massive shifts in how tourism is promoted across the country and has kept on top of all the latest developments.

An unrepentant lover of building things from scratch, she has developed new websites and secret conversion strategies that make all the difference and keep her clients on top.

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Business mentoring in Scotland has never been so much fun! Get in touch using our contact form and let’s start taking your business forward together.

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