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Digital marketing to help your hotel grow

90% of travellers do their research online. Looking for hotels, things to do and destinations to travel to. And in 2022, more than 148 million bookings were made online. With these figures only increasing year on year, is your hotel competing effectively? You need a robust marketing presence with a coherent and strategic delivery strategy to ensure you are being wholly effective. But don’t worry, we are here to help! The POSH Agency are tried and tested experts at creating and delivering digital marketing and strategies for your hotel that really work! We understand the hospitality industry inside out, and are top of our game when it comes to reaching the right audience and boosting bookings.

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Reaching the right audience

We don’t need to tell you that the hotel industry is one of the most competitive around. But, when leveraged correctly, an effective, encompassed marketing strategy will serve your hotel worldwide. Utilising online correctly, and social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, will open your hotel up to a vast network of new customers. Helping to build on the hard work you have already put in to get your brand to where it is today.

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Digital Marketing Packages with the POW factor

At POSH we create and deliver digital and marketing packages for hotels that pack a cost-effective punch. Whether you simply need help with social platforms and Pay Per Click. Or a more intense marketing strategy that includes SEO and content marketing. We’ve got you covered. Our packages are tailor-made to suit your business needs and your budget.

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold packages that all have the POW factor! Bronze is a great starter package. Silver is our most popular digital marketing package perfect for hotels to generate leads and boost bookings. And Gold is the gold standard in digital marketing to help your business really take off.

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POSH Packages and prices

Bronze Package – £570 + VAT pm

This package is perfect as a starter. We will use data mining to work out the strengths and weaknesses of the digital marketing for your hotel as it stands at the moment. Using this information, we will create a marketing strategy for you, including a monthly action plan to help you reach more customers and generate more leads. We will also include either low-level SEO or social media account management and delivery.

Silver Package – £1,140 + VAT pm

This is the most popular package with our clients. You’ll get a real bang for your buck with this. Again, we will use data mining to see where your business is and get a benchmark. Our experts will create a digital strategy, including data, direction etc. They will create a customised monthly marketing campaign for you and arrange regular progress meetings to keep you up to speed. To help improve your search engine results, and serve your establishment up to more potential customers, we will put together a coherent SEO strategy. And to back all of that up, you can choose between social media management for your channels, including TikTok, depending on your audience. Or Pay Per Click campaigns* to boost leads.

Gold Package – £2,280 + VAT pm

Our top-of-the-range package is your one-stop shop for hotel digital marketing. It includes everything you get in the silver package. Digital strategy, monthly marketing campaigns, regular progress meetings, and a coherent SEO strategy. On top of all that, we will manage your social media accounts, work on and improve the SEO for your website, implement PPC management* and work on influencer PR for you.

*3rd party spends will apply to PPC campaigns

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