Delightful Dining at the Skerries – POSH by PR

Eating out in Edinburgh just got better…

Enshrined in history, Edinburgh’s much-loved boutique hotel, The Dunstane, has announced that son of Scotland’s first Michelin Star Chef, Paul Hood, will be joining the kitchen. Well known for his entrepreneurial food skills, Paul has embraced the The Skerries Restaurant charged with the task of making it one, if not thee top restaurant in Edinburgh. So what does the Dunstane have in store for us? Read on to find out more about the new devilish dining at the Skerries…

Dating back to 1852, The Dunstane is the design of Edinburgh most influential and famous architect, William Playfair.  Fast forward 163 years and The Skerries restaurant has expanded, with the re-location of the bar – freeing up the restaurant floor – allowing more diners than ever before to experience Paul’s new taste sensations.

With his previous accolades including Edinburgh’s Prestonfield, La Garrigue, The Caledonian Pompadour and Royal Bank of Scotland Business School alongside celebrity chef, Nick Nairn, Paul had seized the opportunities with The Skerries. Having moved away from typical French luxury cuisine, Paul has promised new dishes monthly to compliment the already mouthwatering menu…

Paul Hood – Devilish Dining at the Dunstane

“I’ve always had a passion for food! When I was fourteen I had my first job working in Prestonfield. My dad was a well-known chef, so I’ve really followed in his footsteps.”

“The Dunstane’s produce is so high quality – it’s exciting to work with such great ingredients and people! Let’s just say, there’ll be some really sexy dishes appearing on the menu soon!”

Looking forward to creating traditional Orcadian options, Paul is currently serving decadent dishes including Orkney Crab, Gressingham Duck and Sea Bass.

It’s safe to say, The Dunstane is set to welcome a new era of cuisine.

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