Affiliate Marketing

“Jenny’s previous experience meant she was the ideal choice to guide us through the whole affiliate and digital setup process. This included the selection of the most appropriate channels; the creation of commission structures designed to incentivise our partners as well as the creation of an effective communication strategy to fully engage with our partners. The guidance and support throughout the launch phase was invaluable and strengthened our position to quickly grow our program and exceed our revenue expectations in the early months and post launch.”

– Lorna Lee, Marketing Director Apex Hotels

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Affiliate Marketing Management Agency

Are you looking to open your brand to new channels through affiliate marketing?

Look no further. POSH is a Scottish agency with global reach. Our affiliate marketing team will source the right platform for you. They’ll negotiate the best possible deal and do all the legwork for you.  We already know the best affiliates to work with and just how to get them buzzing about your brand.  This type of marketing is a great way to extend your marketing resources and reach new markets.  Want to find out how it’s done and start growing your monthly returns? Read on!

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Affiliate Marketing

  • Increase your direct revenue and utilise a greater marketing budget.
  • Reach new markets you currently can’t reach through new, great partnerships.
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind, while we manage your affiliates for you.