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Keep it POSH by Blogging for SEO

The world of internet blogging is an expansive one. There are thousands of people all vying for a spot at the top of Search Engines for specific topics. But the question is: how do they plan on getting there? The answer to that isn’t complicated; they’ll be blogging for SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO, though? The answer to that question starts with Google. When you search for something, Google displays links to the pages that it considers the most relevant and authoritative in relation to your chosen query. SEO has been called the ‘quality control for websites’ before. In some way it’s true, web pages have the chance to rank high on Google as long as other, quality web pages link to them in turn.

Links and You

SEO isn’t all that difficult to work out. Blogs are the perfect platform for websites wanting to build up their traffic and reputation with new, relevant content. They also shutterstock_134059955give you, the writer, the chance to add a link to one of your other pages. This will boost its rank on Google. It’s a little cheeky, but every little helps and you’d hardly be the first, or the last!

As your site (or blog page) grows in popularity, other reputable sites might see fit to include relevant links back to it in turn. This will further boost it in the cut-throat world of Google Ranks. There are a number of detailed guides online that can explain exactly how and why linking becomes so important – especially when it comes to attracting viewers.


Speaking of, one of the flat out best methods of attracting viewers is through the hard-to-master art of Keywords. Simple words and phrases, Keywords give a basic summary of what your blog might be about. They allow businesses to pinpoint the sort of vocabulary their audience might use while searching for something.


Keywords are often used multiple times throughout a single blog (see if you can spot ours!) Entire bodies of content can be based around them. They can be well hidden, or only appear a few times throughout a piece, though they’ll always make up part of the title.

There’s a lot to consider when making sure a blog is both quality content, and fully search engine optimised. We’re a few months into 2016 now but there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the latest SEO Trends. Make this year your year when it comes to blogging for SEO.

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