POSH Welcomes Dram₂O for a ‘Wee Swally’

Scottish Whisky – Dram2O

Up and coming Glasgow-based Scottish whisky brand, Dram?O has joined the POSH family for a wee swally!

Making its mark as the next “Jack Daniels”, brand Dram?O is turning back the tartan stereotype and making whisky accessible to the masses. Described by many whisky experts as “impossible to tell apart from a single malt”, this buzzing brand has already made quite a splash in the Asian market.

Having won several blind taste competitions in China, Australia, Italy and the UK for its leading whisky, Dram Orach, things are about to rocket for this delightful dram.

In addition to Dram?O’s flagship whisky, Dram Orach, the brand has launched its own complimentary range of hoodies, t-shirts and gift sets for the avid whisky enthusiast.

Founder and Director of POSH, Jenny Arnold, said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Dram?O to our POSH family. The Dram?O team have a brilliant vision, not to mention an outstanding product and we’re very excited to be on board for the journey of great growth!”

Business Development Manager of Dram?O, David McLauchlan, said:

“The team at Dram?O are excited to be working with the POSH Agency. We are ready to bring our whisky to the masses and we know these are the guys to help us achieve this.”

Dram?O – Welcome to the Golden Dram 

Armed with colourful whisky recipes, an ever-growing range of products and of course, fantastic banter, keep your eyes peeled for a bottle of Dram Orach coming soon to a bar near you.

To catch up with all the latest news and even some enticing cocktail recipes by Dram?O, you can find them on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here.)

To purchase your very own bottle of the Golden Dram, head on over to Dram?O’s website here. To find out more about stocking Dram?O in your bar or for commercial and press enquiries, please get in touch with us here.