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POSH logoIn the digital age, e-commerce websites are ten-a-penny. Thanks to the growing online options for the travel and tourism market, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever.

That’s where POSH Communication come in. As hoteliers ourselves, we offer Professional Online Services in Hospitality through Communication. We’re an innovative online marketing company dedicated to delivering high-end solutions to the hospitality industry. With over 15 years combined experience within the e-commerce market, nobody knows the industry better than us. An online marketing company in the know, we utilise pioneering marketing techniques to ensure your brand is optimised for online visibility, which in turn, will deliver a healthy conversion rate.

Don’t leave yourself open to poor SEO, strategy and campaign management. As a specialised online marketing company, we’ll guide you through the online journey.

Dynamic online marketing calls for a team of enterprising individuals – that’s why our team is built on genuine talent. Our employees are dedicated to specialist fields – setting trends and delivering results. No matter if you’re seeking a cracking campaign or powerful PPC, we have a team tailored to your needs. With strategists, analysts, developers, SEM specialists, designers and content creators, we live for the buzz of a job well-done.

Driven by the company ethos of putting integrity and honesty first, we place a focus on total revenue within your business – not just by digital means.

If you are looking for a lasting relationship with a trusted online marketing company, get in touch to find out more.

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Our Agency Director, Jenny Mills

Jenny in the POSH bubble

The POSH agency was formed in 2008 by Jenny Arnold (now Jenny Mills). As a hotel e-commerce marketing specialist, she wanted to help shape digital hospitality agency delivery, communication and results. She is passionate about driving hospitality and retail businesses in the online sphere with innovative digital marketing strategies. Back in 2008, the hotel market was in need of a strong customer focused service that was forward-thinking, commercial and tailored. Jenny has a great ability to deliver exciting and robust solutions to the ever-increasing demands of online markets. POSH has been driving energetic digital solutions with big results ever since. We have a strong portfolio of leading travel industry and retail clients and we are known for our friendly, fun, and productive, customer-focused approach. POSH are here to become an effective extension of your teams. We have been helping our customers to make a big difference online for over 10 years now and we are still top of our game. With our own team of developers, social media experts, web designers, SEO specialists, and e-commerce experts at our clients’ fingertips! Join the POSH family >>

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Inspire Me light up wordsHow The POSH Agency Works

We are the POSH Agency (a.k.a POSH Communication) work closely with our clients, as part of their in-house marketing & revenue teams. We focus on increasing brand awareness, revenue and online brand chatter via a global online strategy.

To do this we offer bespoke customer-focused services, built around your brand and business needs – driven by your data, analytics and customer trends. We are experts at analysing your figures!  We work hard for our money. Afterall, your success is our success too!

Using our extensive online performance and market knowledge we will find, deliver and convert more customers for you online and improve your digital effectiveness. We live and breathe the excitement of successful online eCommerce solutions.

We’ve been helping hotels successfully manage their internet marketing for over 10 years, answering all their online marketing questions. Want to know how marketing strategies can turn your business around? If you’re looking to increase your revenue online in the current economic climate then Contact Us.

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