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How to Attract a Blogger

Gone are the days of traditional media, there’s a (relatively) new kid on the block and they know what’s hot and what’s not. The importance of bloggers in the PR make-up of any business is not something to be underestimated. With bloggers reigning in audiences by the millions, it’s time that businesses sat up and took notice. But how does one grasp the attention of a power-blogger? In our latest blog, we share our tips on how to attract a blogger.

A Polished Product

As a rule, any blogger worth their weight in PR cannot be bought for their opinion. Audiences gravitate towards bloggers who provide honest and accurate reviews. That means the good, the bad and the ugly. Make sure your product is polished and at its absolute best to impress and convert audiences into customers. The chances are, if one key blogger loves your product, ten more will want to review it.

Core Values

A blogger’s value lies within their integrity. Audiences are well known to switch off from their favourite YouTubers if they suspect their brand affection is being bought. Be a company with core values and let your product do the talking. It may be tempting to fire an incentive along the way of your chosen blogger, but with stricter rules about advertising in place from various countries around the world, you not only run the risk of damaging your brand reputation, but you may also find yourself in some legal hot water too.

An Informal Approach

If there’s one major factor to differentiate traditional press and blogging, it’s without a doubt the level of formality. Open up your social platforms to be blogger friendly – and encourage your social audience to interact. A personable approach is without a doubt the quickest way to make friends online. Give your bloggers a virtual high five, not a handshake.

How to Attract a Blogger – Working with POSH

At POSH, we’re something of a whiz in the blogosphere.  With several members of our teams being devoted bloggers ourselves, we know exactly what makes bloggers tick and how to help your business attract a blogger too. To find out more about blogger outreach with POSH, get in touch with us here.


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Afternoon Tea By The Sea


Known for its uninterrupted views, quintessential coast line and as a peaceful holiday haven, Silverdyke Holiday Park gets ready to showcase its luxury lodge pitches and holiday homes for sale.


COMPRESSED Aerial Media-2


Opening in 2012 and having enjoyed growth every year with continuously positive reviews from all guests. New for this year is our luxury lodge development including a pre-owned lodge complete with wrap-around decking this July.

Celebrating their new arrival, owners Gwen & Kirsty will be hosting ‘Afternoon Tea By The Sea’ as part of their open doors weekend between Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th July 12-4pm for all to enjoy and view their holiday homes and lodges for sale.

Owners of Silverdyke Caravan Park, Gwen and Andy said:

As a friendly, family run holiday park we’re delighted to be able to share our luxury park with locals and all who wish to experience the tranquility first hand.  

“As part of Afternoon Tea By The Sea, guests will be able to roam freely round the park, view the luxury lodges and holiday homes for sale and will get the chance to speak with the owners first hand – an ideal opportunity to come and visit for anyone considering purchasing a luxury holiday home.

“Our mantra revolves around making sure our guests cherish the Silverdyke luxury experience for years to come and we look forward to welcoming everyone in July.”


Located on the East Coast of Fife with views from the Firth of Forth to the Isle of May, Silverdyke luxury Holiday Park proudly offers a peaceful haven for all who wish to stay there.


HH Sheraton Living


Afternoon Tea By The Sea

Dates:              Sat 11th – Sun 12th July
Time:               12 – 4pm
Parking:           Available on site



Silverdyke Caravan Park
Windmill Road
Cellardyke, Anstruther, Fife
KY10 3FN
For Satnav use postcode KY10 3BT

- END-

Note To Editors

If  Press wish to attend Afternoon Tea By The Sea, please RSVP fraser@poshagency.com

High resolution photography here.

Download Press Release here.

Contact Details
Fraser Ralston
Events, PR & Account Manager
Mob: +44(0)7891 974 640
Office: +44(0)141 342 4335

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Dram2o Banner

POSH Welcomes Dram₂O for a ‘Wee Swally’

Up and coming Glasgow-based whisky brand, Dram₂O has joined the POSH family for a wee swally!

Making its mark as the next “Jack Daniels”, brand Dram₂O is turning back the tartan stereotype and making whisky accessible to the masses. Described by many whisky experts as “impossible to tell apart from a single malt”, this buzzing brand has already made quite a splash in the Asian market.


A photo of a bottle of Dram2o


Having won several blind taste competitions in China, Australia, Italy and the UK for its leading whisky, Dram Orach, things are about to rocket for this delightful dram.

In addition to Dram₂O’s flagship whisky, Dram Orach, the brand has launched its own complimentary range of hoodies, t-shirts and gift sets for the avid whisky enthusiast.


Founder and Director of POSH, Jenny Arnold, said:


“We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Dram₂O to our POSH family. The Dram₂O team have a brilliant vision, not to mention an outstanding product and we’re very excited to be on board for the journey of great growth!”


Business Development Manager of Dram₂O, David McLauchlan, said:

“The team at Dram₂O are excited to be working with the POSH Agency. We are ready to bring our whisky to the masses and we know these are the guys to help us achieve this.”


Dram₂O – Welcome to the Golden Dram 

Armed with colourful whisky recipes, an ever-growing range of products and of course, fantastic banter, keep your eyes peeled for a bottle of Dram Orach coming soon to a bar near you.

To catch up with all the latest news and even some enticing cocktail recipes by Dram₂O, you can find them on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here.)

To purchase your very own bottle of the Golden Dram, head on over to Dram₂O’s website here. To find out more about stocking Dram₂O in your bar or for commercial and press enquiries, please get in touch with us here.


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Incorporating SEO into your Social Strategy

SEO is vastly becoming the foundation of digital marketing – so what is it? Search Engine Optimisation.  How do you use your sites content to boost your businesses popularity?  Although SEO has been relevant since the introduction of search engine behemoths such as Google,  now in 2015 content marketing is becoming one of the best ways to market businesses. This short guide will help you to incorporate SEO into your social strategy.


Putting the SEO into your Social


The basis of SEO is keyword research. An example of this is incorporating the title of blog into the main body of your text. This creates stronger content which will be picked up by search engine companies such as google.  Try to create fresh, original content. By using someone else’s work it may show up on google creating a duplicate result – which is very bad news.

A good SEO approach will find a steady balance between good content and key words.  Identify a key word to use in your content; use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner or Wordtracker to help you identify a potential key word or phrase.  Another important way to utilize your keywords and phrases is by inserting them in your blog URL as well as your meta description.

Make sure your blog is never any less than 300 words long, this should be the bare minimum or SEO value is lost. Build on SEO value by adding a few contextual links to quality web pages. By adding these links you are driving more traffic to your site as well as creating richer text for SEO.


Tools to help nail your Social SEO


Social media is also a great way to get noticed through SEO. Using websites such as Buffer you are able to merge your social media accounts to one posting platform. Sites like Buffer allow users to schedule posts for when traffic may be at its busiest.  The content of social media posts are also important, try to create stronger posts by using images, videos or infographics. Good infographics can be made easily with tools such as Piktochart. Make sure to include hashtags as search terms as again this will make your post easier to search for.

Incorporating SEO into your social strategy is so important in the year of 2015. Content marketing is moving forward, utilize web tools such as buffer to organise and plan your posts. To find out more about how you can optimise your social strategy to include SEO, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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The Importance of SEO

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidly changing trends of social media and content marketing. This is especially true for business owners and hoteliers who have enough on their plate as it is! Find out more about the importance of SEO for businesses in our latest blog:


Search Engine Optimization


You might think SEO is simply defined by your company’s rankings on Google or Bing and expect to site at the top of these search engines. Here at POSH Agency we are often asked to make our clients rank for the terms they deem they should be at the top of Google with… but in reality it is so much more than that. Sam McRoberts at Forbes said it perfectly:


“SEO, at its heart, is the process of making websites more accessible and understandable to your customers, its how we make our customers tick, how we make them purchase.”


The more accessible your website is for search engines, the higher up the list you will climb and the more money you will make.  This is the first step of widening your online sales funnel.  In essence, SEO is the heartbeat to all online activity you undertake.  Every action, every channel and all elements of your digital strategy should connect back to your SEO strategy.


So, why is SEO important for my business?

  • Build branding and credibility
  • Attracts relevant traffic
  • Insight into your customers
  • It will equate to the highest potion of your business revenue online


SEO = 60% of Revenue

Seems pretty easy, right? It takes a lot of hard work to climb your way to the top and the equation to getting there isn’t quite so straightforward.  Google releases over 365 algorithms each year… that’s over one a day!

To find out more about planning for SEO success and the importance of SEO for your particular niche of business, get in touch with us here.





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Top Tips for Twitter Beginners

Twitter is instant method of getting you and your brand noticed online.  On average 500 million tweets are sent everyday therefore it’s easy to get lost in-between favouriting and following. Here are some handy tips for Twitter beginners to get you started…


Keep it current

With over 302 million active users on Twitter, it is essential to make your profile stand out. Potential followers may browse your account before they click that all important “follow” tab, therefore they may be less inclined to follow an empty page.

Persuade followers to join you by staying active. Make sure you tweet daily and respond to any questions that are sent your way.


How often should I tweet?


The lifespan of a tweet is estimated to be 2 hours. The busiest period for retweets is suggested to be around 5pm, catching commuters’ attention after their busy day at work. Tweet during this time period to create efficient brand awareness.


Skim read your tweets

The average person is estimated to tweet 22 times a day. The math then suggests that if you have 100 followers, you could be exposed to 2,200 tweets per day, meaning that if you are popular in the twitter-sphere, you’ll be busy keeping up with the tweeters you follow.

First of all you should organise your favourite tweeters in the list feature. This means you’ll be able to access relevant tweets.  Tools l such as Tweepi and Followerwonk advise users on the activity of their followers and suggest the best way to manage your list of followers.


Who should I follow?

It’s only courteous to follow your followers back – they’ve taken the time to look you up and are clearly interested in what you have to say.  Strategy wise – it has been suggested that the more people you follow the more followers you will gain.


What should I tweet about?

Lastly the content of your tweets should vary. Although twitter is a great function for creating brand awareness avoid continually posting about the same topic as this may annoy your followers. Try to mix it up by retweeting and quoting, this form of activity may also drive traffic to your account.


More Top Tips for Twitter Beginners

For more top tips for Twitter, Follow POSH on Twitter here to keep in the loop with social media trends and how to make the most out of your social media platforms!


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Is Professional Photography Really Worth It?

Kicking off your very own e-commerce shop has never been easier. With do-it-yourself fool proof platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce readily available, just about anybody with enough drive can pull together a beginner’s platform. But with so many brilliant businesses popping up, how does one differentiate and stand out from the crowd? Does SEO really matter that much? Won’t sponsored Facebook posts just do the trick? Surely, professional photography isn’t really worth it either when an iPhone could do the job?

The reality is, if you’re going to make a success of your start-up, you’ll have to invest in every aspect – from the all-singing, all-dancing Magento website, right through to magazine-ready photographs. Sure, professional photography may seem like an unnecessary expense when your pal who’s doing photography at college could snap some shots for free, but really consider the impact that quality photography could have on your brand.

Branding with Professional Photography


Starting out, any luxury brand should consider the brand presence on the site. Selling luxury products and looking to be featured in the next issue of Vogue or Cosmopolitan? Professional grade images can often be the difference between getting that big feature and simply being disregarded as another “amateur” attempt at brand fame.

Consider your e-commerce shop homepage as the digital equivalent of good old visual merchandising! When you consider the shopping experience with traditional brick and mortar shops, the public favourites always present a bright, clean and uniform floor. The same applies to your site photography. Keep things uniform and sharp, and you’ll find this instantly adds value to your product or service.


A photo of a camera

Professional Photography in Action


Here at POSH, we’ve seen e-commerce clients achieve sales of £18,000 in only 24 hours as a result of one high-end commercial standard photo after swapping to a professional who truly understands the needs of a client.

When focusing solely on e-commerce as the primary revenue channel, you’ll need to have every tool in your arsenal to stand out in an over-saturated market. If that means swapping out a student project for professional photography, it may be initially considerably pricey to begin with, but the return on investment is guaranteed to be great.

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Posh Cooks Up a Storm with a True ‘MasterChef’

POSH welcomes a true MasterChef to it’s growing client list!  

Jamie Scott Headshot
POSH Agency is delighted to welcome BBC 2014 MasterChef winner and Head Chef at the Rocca Bar & Grill, Jamie Scott to its portfolio of clients. The MasterChef winner will be working with the POSH PR team to cook up a master piece launching the brand of Jamie Scott online.

An energetic ‘Meat’ the Scotts campaign has been launched on their YouTube channel which will screen recipe suggestions for fans, kitchen product reviews, Food Festival features and more.

Jamie’s wonderful wife Kelly will join him throughout ‘Meat’ the Scotts  video blogs exclusively for their social media audience. Their mutual love for cheese will also feature in their new #CheeseFiend blog starting later in June.


A Photo of Jamie and Kelly Scott


Founder and Director of POSH, Jenny Arnold, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Jamie and Kelly to our POSH Family.  The Scotts, like everyone at POSH, have such a passion for hospitality and fine foods. Launching their new campaign, representing the couple and watching them grow is something we’re incredibly proud to be part of. ”

Jamie Scott’s wife, Kelly Scott, said:

“We’re thrilled Jamie is being represented by POSH – we can’t wait to get started! Jamie and I have many exciting plans for the years ahead and we’re looking forward to raising Jamie’s profile by showcasing what an amazing chef he is.”

Winner of BBC MasterChef 2014, Jamie Scott, said: 

Kelly and I are delighted that POSH will be representing us moving forward. The journey for us this far has been amazing and we’re looking forward to the brewing the next chapter with POSH’s support.”

Jamie will be attending many Food Festivals this summer including:


A photo of Jamie Scott


If you are interested in finding out more about Jamie Scott or to book him for an event, please get in touch with POSH here.


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5 Commonly Used HTML Element Tags and What They Do

Taking your first foray into web development and design can be a daunting task. What do all these buzzwords mean – and what is a meta description anyway? In our latest post we explore 5 commonly used HTML element tags and what they do.



Meta tags are tags used to store data such as metadata, meta-titles, meta-keywords, etc. They’re important because they allow search engine bots to crawl your site and pick up useful information. This is part of how Google and other search engines rank the importance of your site.

An example of metadata would be:

<meta charset=”UTF-8”>
<meta name=”description” content=”Blogging about meta tags”>

<meta name=”Keywords” content=”HTML, meta tags, awesome blogs”>

<meta name=”Author” content=”Jonathan Ben-Avraham”>


These tags would be placed within the <head></head> tags in your HTML document.




Nav or Navigation tags define parts of the web page which is specified for navigation throughout the site or page. E.g you might have some code looking like this:



<li><a href=”www.mywebsite.co.uk/accommodation”>Accommodation</a></li>

<li><a href=”www.mywebsite.co.uk/things-to-do”>Things To Do</a></li>



This will look something a little like this:








The strong element makes the text within a <h1/> or <p/> tag bold. A lot of developers use this element to make their headers larger or to express the importance of certain content which may be hardcoded in that can’t be edited from the CMS platform ( for instance, WordPress, Joomla etc.)


This is small text.

This is strong text.


This is a normal header

This is a strong header.




The script tags are much less used these days due to scripting files like .js or .css files but are still in use and can still be useful when scripting for specific parts of the HTML document. We will show you two examples of script tags, one for a JavaScript and one for a CSS script. JavaScript is a web scripting language which adds elements to websites to make them more interactive.


Javascript <script> tag:



document.getElementById(“example”).innerHTML = “Hello, you’re using JavaScript!”


This JavaScript script tag changes the text displayed by an element with the identification “example” to “Hello, you’re using JavaScript!”


CSS <script> tag:






This CSS script would make the background colour of your HTML document bright Yellow. A list of colour hex codes can be found here.


This is what the page will look like:

An example of script




The iframe element is used to embed media into a webpage, for example you could embed a SoundCloud file, an image, a movie, a video, etc. Embedding is a great way to share other people’s online content too. For example if you find a video on YouTube that you want to share, you can find the embed code which almost always starts with <iframe> and ends with </iframe>.


Here is an example of how <iframe> tags are used


<iframe width=”420” height=”315” src=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2ByLmLnYJ8></iframe>


This will produce something that looks like this:

An example of iFrame



Using the 5 Commonly Used HTML Element Tags

Of course, this merely skims the surface of great web development, however, eBay wasn’t built in a day! If your needs extend further, the POSH door is always open for support. In the meantime, take our 5 commonly used HTML element tags are begin building the blueprint to your e-commerce empire!


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Top Tips for User-Friendly Design

With the surge in e-commerce trading since the beginning of the digital age, user accessibility has never been more important. With business websites acting as the digital equivalent to a shop floor a great user journey is essential. It’s time to begin visual merchandising online. In our latest blog, we bring you our 5 top tips for user-friendly design.


Pucker up and KISS

One of the biggest downfalls of businesses moving their shop floor online is over-complicating things. Follow the KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) method and you can’t go wrong. Simplicity is the number one rule of any design, whether you work in digital or print media. There’s no need for extra bells and whistles on a website. They don’t attract more traffic and they don’t help your bottom line. Don’t include flashing animations, auto-loading sounds or scrolling text. All you need high-quality imagery, clear navigation and simple SEO optimised text.


Steer clear of big photo files.

Contrary to popular belief, great quality imagery does not always translate to large file sizes. Photography can be outstanding and resized to mere kilobytes for uploading to a website. Make sure your image file sizes are small so that they load seamlessly and your page appears instantly. There’s only one thing more annoying than waiting for a page to load, and that’s a pop-up window. Just look at these beautiful photos! Would you believe these images are only 140kb?



Arabian Nights Suite Perfect Manors

Arabian Nights Perfect Manors Bathroom

Speaking of… 

Whilst we’re on the subject, nothing says spam 90’s website quite like a pop-up window. People don’t like to have their web-viewing experience interrupted by pop-up windows – they’re annoying, intrusive and ruin the user journey. You don’t want your customer to lose interest, so why would you offer them a distraction?


Keep it clean.

Don’t bombard your audience with scrawl-like handwriting. Sure, it may be the hipster thing to do, but how long will it be before your readership switch off to book an eyesight test at their opticians?

Choose a body font that’s simple and easy on the eyes. The following fonts typically work well for websites: Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana and Times New Roman. If in doubt, opt for a font belonging to the sans-serif family.


POSH Top Tips for User-Friendly Design

Deciding on design is a perfectionist’s worst nightmare. If you find yourself drowning in a sea of mediocre templates lacking that wow-factor, then a trip to POSH might just be for you. Be sure to head on over to our Pinterest for more tips for user-friendly design.


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